Laura’s bio is short, but very dense, and it can be compressed like this: She started as a Pilates Instructor, she was lucky enough to study directly with ROMANA KRYZANOWSKA, Joseph Pilates’s protégée, attending her world renowned  school “Romana’s Pilates”, studying with her and with her best teacher trainers, she worked in Rome and Bologna and she opened her studio in Brescia in 2005.

Over all those years, she taught clients of all ages and with all kinds of pathologies and injuries. In 2018, Laura fell in love with ELDOA and some other techniques invented by doctor Guy Voyer, DO. She decided to take her ELDOA’s journey, and her professional life changed forever. Her strength is her experience in teaching: teaching, teaching, and teaching again to hundreds of clients over the years.Her passion, her love for her job, her tsunami-style and her empathy when she teaches make the classes with her …overwhelming!

Laura is now a certified ELDOA TRAINER.

She is also enrolled in the ELDOA 5 certification to became an ELDOA THERAPIST and in the somatraining program.


There are 2 ways to explain the nature and the core of ELDOA: the first one is in “lay words”, understandable by everyone; the second one needs more technical concepts and it’s more professional. Here you’ll find both, taken from two of Laura’s posts on Instagram: please feel free to ask, if you need more information or have any doubts.

ELDOA in 2 words …or 3

“ …We always use these super cool terms to describe ELDOA : de-coaptation, tensegrity model, axial extension, extreme range, etc….” Those are all correct and appropriate phrases, but just right to chat with other #eldoanerds like us: they are all beautiful words which mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G to our clients.
So I’ll try to explain what ELDOA is in simple words.
It’s a system of exercises that must be performed on a mat, without using any gym equipment, shoes or socks; each exercise lasts 1 (long) minute and can be modified according to the body type of our client, their flexibility, their injuries, etc.. During ELDOA, we will ask you to PUSH, PUSH, and PUSH, lengthening your spine and limbs over and over again.During a class, the instructor will “palpate” and correct you : this happens because we need to “feel” some changes, which tell us if we’re working correctly or not. Every exercise corresponds to a JOINT, which is the place where 2 bones “meet” to allow movements.Doing these “ELDOA’ s postures”, we’ll OPEN specific joints, “creating space” inside them. This will have tons of beneficial effects, like less PAIN (as in …back pain), better HYDRATION inside that joint, improvement in the mechanics of that joint, etc. All this means that we’ll move much better! In addition to all that, there are a series of secondary healthy effects in general. During ELDOA, we STRENGTHEN our muscles too:  in order to stay in THAT posture (which is NOT easy), we are forced to contract our muscles, reinforcing them more and more over time. Last but not least, we can say that this system of exercises teaches our body a NEW POSTURE, supplying it with the tools to correct and re-align itself. Education is part of our #eldoarevolution”.

ELDOA explained to a pro

First of all :ELDOA is an acronym for the French phrase “ETIREMENTS LONGITUDINAUX avec DECOAPTATION OSTEO-ARTICULAIRE”. This extraordinary method was invented by world renowned French Osteopath Guy Voyer in the ‘70s, after hundreds of dissections and thorough research on the treatment of FASCIA. Clearly, osteopathy and ELDOA have a lot in common: in fact, Guy Voyer is a Medical Doctor specialized in Orthopedic Medicine, but he is an Osteopath too, so he has founded this system of exercises on the pillars of Osteopathy. The biotensegrity model, the fascial system, and the fascial tension are all involved: we SELF INDUCE a fascial tension placing our head, eyes, spine and limbs in specific positions, following some rules and double-checking everything using our hands (palpation), to be sure we’re correctly de-coapting a TARGET joint. This NEW millimetric space will improve the joint mechanics and the blood circulation; it will de-compress the spine and help re-hydration inside the discs, improving (and normalizing) the quality of both tissues and joints, our self-awareness, and our posture. These exercises for the spine, the Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint), the coxofemoral joint, the cranium, the rib cage, etc …. are not  FASCIAL release techniques: it’s all about treating the body, normalizing it with the final goal of the homeostasis. “You are your own best therapist” is one of the most famous mottos by Guy Voyer: everybody can easily learn – under the guide of their trainer – the exercises they have to do (HOMEWORK) and do them daily, using the capability of the body TO HEAL ITSELF. These, and others, are the reasons why I titled “ELDOA: OSTEOPATHY IN MOTION ” my long interview with Bryce Turner, where we covered some important concepts at the basis of these two disciplines (if you missed it, you’ll find it in this website).

A revolution can’t be made from a sofa at home.

EmBODY my  #eldoarevolution


This revolution was born in 2021, on Oct. 5th, exactly 20 days before LAURA’s birthday. On that day, she was googling “spinal awareness” in Italian,  and she could not find ANYTHING remarkable. She described all this in an Instagram post: “…That day I was upset. Here in Europe there is a good interest in this NEW WAY to train the human body but:

  • I find LITTLE attitude to TEAMWORK ( I am lucky);
  • There is a BIG attitude to waiting (waiting for what ???) and COPYING the others, instead of asking:  “Ehi! What is THIS? Let me understand how it WORKS!”

About me: my father was an entrepreneur, worldwide famous in his field, a self made man, a genius. My brother too is a talented entrepreneur. I have decided to do something else: help people feel and be better. My #eldoarevolution was born to show the world what is happening here, involving in this project other professionals like me, or from other fields, and PEOPLE: clients, bodies, call them as you like. Yes, showing this to the WORLD, not only to Brescia or to Italy: in almost 20 years, I have never done any advertising of my studio, because I have never needed it, and I am grateful for this. Reaching the world is the reason why I write my posts in English without shame. My dear friend Tara Bianca, owner of BE Light Transformative Therapy  has mentioned all this: “ ..(Laura) is changing the world one SPINE at the time”. Is this crazy? YES, IT IS. Is this important? YES, IT IS. #eldoarevolution is now a trademark. It’s me, my face, my red lipstick, my totally IMPERFECT body, my mistakes in English, the passion for what I do. It’s a wave. If you want to use my hashtag #, please do it, and TAG ME: I’ll be happy to know you’re with me. If you don’t want to, because maybe you don’t LIKE ME, it’s ok, but please spread anyway the revolution around. RED is the color of my revolution.”


The ELDOA method has been growing so fast in the U.S. in the last 10 years thanks to the job of high level educators, who spread the word while training people like Laura.All those practitioners are changing the postures of their clients who, thanks to ELDOA, can finally live a pain-free life or, in the case of high level athletes, can improve their performances or recover faster from their injuries. Now it’s time for the same to happen in Europe. That is why Laura has developed this website, this idea, this revolution: respecting Guy Voyer DO.’s education paradigm, she has decided to share her experience and to build up a COMMUNITY of trainers, instructors, clients and ELDOA lovers who really believe in the positive impact and the efficacy of this extraordinary method.And to explain to common people what ELDOA is, because maybe they have heard about this, but they don’t know how it works…So, now they are in the right place. We want to create a net of ELDOA lovers, we want to supply information, we want to be a reference point for those people who will finally find safe, warm and professional spaces like this website, Laura’s studio in Brescia, her virtual ZOOM studio, and her posts on Instagram.An inclusive group of people working together, interacting and supporting one another: a true worldwide ELDOA community. Of course Laura is an instructor: you can workout with her, like many clients do everyday, and like many colleagues from all over the world are doing with her, either in person in her studio, or on ZOOM. Since 2021, she has also been organizing  1-2 Retreats a year in beautiful Italian locations, with the purpose of spending precious time together, learning, practicing Pilates and Eldoa, and recharging. Feel free to contact her, if you’re interested in this.

A revolution is when ordinary people make a change


Please see the interviews made by Laura with the ELDOA’s specialists and Please visit and subscribe to Eldoarevolution YouTube Channel.

Psoas and Eldoa
Interview to Veronica Lorenzini

Good Morning Eldoa
Esercizi con Laura Masserdotti


Laura teaches every day in her bright studio and online. Buy an online session here.



Book a Studio or a Zoom consultation. Then Laura will send you a tailor-made “manual” with photos and descriptions of the exercises you need.



Join the unique energy of the group class. Every session has a specific focus (this class is not for beginners, a minimum of experience is required).



Book a Studio or a Zoom consultation. Then Laura will send you a tailor-made “manual” with photos and descriptions of the exercises you need.


Laura’s studio, formally named “SCUOLA PILATES”, is based in Brescia, in Northern Italy, and it is easily accessible:

– by plane: from Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport;

– by train: from Milan or Verona: “Brescia” train station is within walking distance or, if you prefer, you can take the underground (the Metro station “Brescia 2” is close by); – by car: we are on the A4 Motorway (“Brescia Centro” or “Brescia Ovest” exits); there are a lot of parking places, close to the studio.

 ELDOA is a hands-on method, which means that it requires the hands of the trainer on the client’s body: we need to correct and palpate, to have a better feedback. BUT, if you live far from Laura, you can schedule a ZOOM session with her from the comfort of your home/office/hotel.

SCUOLA PILATES Via Creta 26 (6th floor) 25124 Brescia, Italy –